As an e-learning provider, one of the best ways to improve your business operations and efforts is by leveraging data from your LMS. With Firmwater, you can capture, organize, analyze, and save data that informs your decision-making process.

Benefits of reporting

Firmwater reports allow you to:

  • View your overall site activity such as the login and course history.
  • Gain insight to your customer’s data to monitor their usage and provide them with regular updates.
  • Analyze learner completion data to find out which courses are more popular.
  • Download learner data to report it to external stakeholders.

View and download available reports by clicking on the Reports tab and selecting one of four available categories. You can customize the default reports to your own needs. You can filter their data and select different time ranges. When you have the data you need, export your report as a simple Excel sheet, PDF file or in CSV format for further analysis in spreadsheet programs.

Report categories

CategoryUse this to
Activity ReportsAccess informative data on all course activities in the LMS
AssessmentsView responses and scoring for different assessments
LoginsView details of your LMS’s current as well as historical login sessions
Other ReportsView lists such as your clients, users and activities in the LMS site

Popular reports

The following reports are some of our customer’s favourites:

Starts and Completions

Find out how many learners have started and completed your course during any specific time range. This can help you know which of your courses are most popular.

Users List

Export a list of all users and their data (email addresses, locations etc.) that exist in your site.

Interaction Data

Find out how learners are responding to SCORM-published quizzes and assessments as this report gives you detailed questions and responses.

Reports are available for all LMS packages. If you have unique report requirements, we can provide you with a quote for the cost of creating one or more custom reports to meet your needs.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding the Firmwater reporting feature.