Q&A: Going from ILT/VILT to E-learning Modules

Going from ILT to e-learning modules comes with many questions and challenges. Fortunately, we can help you overcome any hurdles before you start creating amazing digital training content for your learning community! Why Should I Convert to E-Learning? One of the greatest reasons to convert is that e-learning enables you to better scale your business... Continue reading

Best Strategies for Converting VILT into Asynchronous E-learning

The injunction to never stop learning has always been a lofty ideal and an inspirational axiom. For today’s workers, however, the goal of continuous education is more than an aspiration—it’s a necessity. No matter how abundant jobs may be and regardless of how kind the job market is, the simple reality is that if people... Continue reading

E-learning Quizzes: Micro-assessments from Your VILT

Converting your e-learning requires more than technology. There needs to be a change in mindset regarding how people learn. To help your learners succeed, consider pivoting away from long courses with an evaluation at the end. Short chunks of content with frequent, small e-learning quizzes will help users quickly grasp the materials. A Necessary Change... Continue reading