We want to introduce you to our brand new ‘Add participants’ page that allows you to add users in one of three ways:

  • by adding existing users,
  • by inviting users by email, or
  • by inviting with a code.

The new page has been thoughtfully designed to make the process more intuitive and cohesive, regardless of the approach.

Who uses the ‘Add participants’ page?

This page is used by Group Managers – learners with admin privileges. A Group Manager is anyone that purchases more than one course seat through your e-commerce store. A multi-seat purchaser can invite others to the course, oversee their learning progress, and generate reports. Another scenario where we encounter Group Managers is when LMS orders are used – orders that are added manually to the platform.

1. Add participants

Add Existing Users

A learner with an existing LMS account can be selected from a user list. Start typing the user’s name or click ‘Browse’ to select an existing learner to add to the course.

Invite By Email

If you are looking to invite a new user to the LMS, you can invite them by email. The learner will be able to create their account and access the course.

Invite With Code

This is a brand new feature that allows you to invite learners even if you don’t know their email address. A PDF invite that includes a registration link can be downloaded and distributed to the learners. The link allows the student to set up their account and access the course.

2. View invitations sent

Regardless of the approach used to invite a user, any invitation can be revoked before it is accepted by the learner. Invitations can also be resent in case the learner deleted the invite or cannot find it in their email inbox. The PDF paper invite used for invitations by code can be re-downloaded in case the file/paper was lost.

If you have any questions regarding the new page, or simply would like to get in touch with our Customer Success Team to discuss your training needs – get in touch.