SCORM Compliance

Keep content fresh, portable, and accessible for use on any platform.

Updated SCORM-compliance

Updated SCORM Compliance

The Firmwater LMS fully supports SCORM 2004 (3rd Edition) as well as SCORM version 1.2 so that content can be created once and used with any SCORM-compliant system.

Benefits of SCORM:

  • Own your content and use it with any SCORM compliant platform
  • Easily reuse and adapt content to specific learners/organizations
  • Design eLearning content that will monitor the learner and adapt according to the learner's needs
  • Always work with the latest technology as authoring tools continuously bring out new features
  • Track learner performance with powerful reporting tools
  • Create engaging, interactive content in your favorite SCORM authoring tools with support for Articulate 360, iSpring, Adobe Captivate, and many more

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