This new feature is especially interesting for training vendors that work together with an accredited certification body.

We now have the option to add a uniquely generated Quick Response (QR) code to completion certificates. We can generate a certificate specific code that carries distinct link information. The link allows anyone to access our Certificate Verification Service. A web page accessible without credentials that display the learner’s completion details.

Completion Certificate Verification Service

How can I verify learner information?

To confirm the authenticity of a certificate the QR code can be scanned with a smartphone. The QR code link will open our Firmwater Certificate Verification Service page. Here you can view the learner’s name, course title, score and date/time of course completion. This means external entities can easily verify the accuracy of the information that is displayed on a digital or printed completion certificate.

Who benefits from this service?

Our client offers court-mandated training courses. Learners will have to complete the online course and present a completion certificate to the court during their hearing. A judge can now easily verify the authenticity of the certificate by scanning the QR code and comparing the details on the certificate with the LMS details that are displayed by the Certificate Verification Service.

What else is new?

We record a user’s profile name at the time of course completion. The name that gets displayed on the certificate can therefore not be changed. This guards against learners changing their profile name after completing a course to generate a certificate with someone else’s name on it.

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