Buy Buttons

The Shopify Buy Button is a great tool that allows you to sell your products anywhere. You are able to target a specific audience and expand your reach by adding this sales channel to your online business. Simply embed a Buy Button on your website, newsletter, blog or your preferred platform so that you can offer your products in any setting. The tremendous benefit that Buy Buttons offer is a seamless shopping experience for your customers. No need to visit another site to purchase a product; just one simple click of a button.

The Buy Button product page consists of an image, title, price and of course a button. You are able to customize the style of the product page, so it adapts to the format of your existing theme. The Buy Button also includes an embedded shopping cart (so that customers can add several products) and a secure checkout page. Naturally, the Buy Button is fully responsive which means your customers are able to purchase your products from any device.

Sell Products on Your Website or Blog

There are several ways you can incorporate Buy Buttons into your site. You can create your own Shop within your website by adding several Buy Buttons on one page. You can also add your products to the sidebar of your website. This is a great way to draw attention to a new product or to highlight your best-seller to your site visitors. Add Buy Buttons directly to your blog or news post, so that your readers have easy access to your product offerings. We are a creature of habit and like to stay within our familiar boundaries. Buy Buttons allow your customers to access all your products without leaving your site, but with all the features of a full Shopify store. You can still reap the benefits of a shopping cart and Shopify’s secure checkout process.

How do I take advantage of Buy Buttons?

If you already have a Shopify store and want to add Buy Buttons as an additional sales channel, you can simply create the button and generate the code from your store’s admin site.

If you are thinking of simply adding a few products to your website or blog, but do not want to open a full Shopify store, you can sign up for a Shopify Lite plan.

Visit Shopify to learn more about Buy Buttons.