Do you want to encourage your learners to come back for more? Repeat customers can help you build a business that is strong and robust. We want to present you with tips and tricks to encourage your learners to return for more eLearning content.

1. Completion Certificates

The sense of pride when completing an online course can be elevated by offering a beautifully designed completion certificate. Your learners are able to showcase their newly attained skills to potential employers or highlight them on their LinkedIn page. Completion certificates add value to your course offerings and give learners the opportunities to distinguish themselves in a competitive job market.

2. Microlearning

You can adapt to your learner’s busy lifestyle by offering a library of effective Microlearning courses. One learning objective can be presented in short videos or interactive learning modules that can be completed on the go. Your learners can access their online learning at their own pace and advance their career without committing to a set timeframe. You can offer access through memberships and use Firmwater’s attractive course library to showcase your courses. Be flexible so that you can accommodate your learners’ busy schedule and they will come back for more!

3. Connect with your Learners

Build great customer relationships by connecting with your learners on Social Media or by Email. Let your current users know about all you have to offer. You can introduce them to new products and offer them special discounts. Use Social Media and the power of Buy Buttons to reach out and establish a customer base.

4. System Emails

Firmwater LMS offers system-generated Emails that are fully customizable. Use these Emails to your advantage and tailor them to fit your business. A ‘Welcome Email’ can include a Social Media follow button to encourage your learners to connect with you. A ‘Course Completion’ Email may introduce a new course to your learner or offer a repeat purchase discount. Make the most out of this LMS feature and turn your one-time customers into lifetime learners.

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