Link your own products to the LMS

There is an exciting new release that was pushed today which expands the capabilities of the Firmwater Shopify App. You can now link your ecommerce products to courses in the LMS.

Tip: Update your Shopify App if this feature is not available to you.

You can create these links with a few clicks right from your Firmwater Shopify App:

1. Log into your Shopify Store Admin.
2. Create a product.
Set inventory managed by ‘Firmwater LMS’ and set a unique SKU.
3. Click on More actions > Link to LMS.

4. Search for and select the LMS course(s)
5. Select course access.
Course access: How long is the course available to a participant?
All access: How long is the order available?
Some businesses limit order access for accounting purposes.
6. Save your changes.

The same way that you can add links, you can also delete links that are not needed anymore or make changes to existing links. More information about the Shopify App and how you can link products to the LMS can be found in our help documentation.

We hope this new feature is helpful to you and will save you time administering the LMS. In the future, we hope to improve functionality even further by adding import and export options to add/adjust product links in bulk.

Get in touch if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions.