3 Challenges of Converting VILT/ILT to E-learning

Converting your training sessions into e-learning may sound intimidating, but with a bit of research, you’ll soon have an engaging course ready for your learners. The challenges of converting VILT/ILT to e-learning are numerous but can be easily overcome. Creating e-learning courses from your existing ILT will help you effectively grow your business while reducing... Continue reading

E-learning Pricing Strategies: Avoiding Common Mistakes

A good e-learning pricing strategy can be applied to individuals (B2C) and organizations (B2B). In this blog post, we have a quick discussion on common pricing mistakes, introduce you to the volume-based pricing strategy, and go over how to determine the right price point. Let’s dive into a few common mistakes when it comes to... Continue reading

How Micro-learning Modules Drive Better Retention in L&D

Micro-learning is more than a trendy topic these days. It’s becoming a best practice for savvy training providers, especially since it can reduce the cost of content production by 50%. With such numbers, micro-learning could be a 100% improvement to your learning program and significantly impact the overall success of your training business. If you... Continue reading