We released Version 2.9 of our LMS yesterday. The elusive 3.0 release is not far away but we wanted to get out some of the improvements we’ve made.

Importing users much improved

One major change in this release is with the process of importing users. We’ve turned it into a three-step wizard, giving much more control and feedback over the changes that will be made.

Improvements with the new process:

  • allows any column headings in the CSV file, try to match to fields in the system
  • full control on the field matching, ability to ignore columns
  • much better error reporting, ability to download error file
  • ability to download file with the passwords generated for new users
  • control over whether the data of existing users is updated or not
  • ability to see the number of changes before confirming the operation

Other improvements

Other notable enhancements in this release include:

  • Changed ordering of training plans to give greater importance to assignments. Activities from the same assignment are now grouped together and are listed in the order that they were added to the assignment.
  • Enhancements to Web Services API
  • Resolved error loading content generated using Articulate Studio ’09