We released Version 2.8 of our LMS last night. We’ve been hard on work on some more major changes that will be coming in the next release, but we thought it was time to get out some of the improvements we’ve made.

Improved assignments

The major change in this release relates to the handling of assignments. We’ve restricted the list of assignments to only those that affect users within your scope. Some of our clients have hundreds of locations and thousands of assignments. In the past, local administrators could see all assignments within their organization but only edit those that included their users. Now, their view has been simplified greatly.
We also improved on the creation and editing of assignments:

  • user no longer needs to page through all pages in the wizard when editing an assignment
  • better handling of long content/users lists in summaries
  • indicate assignments that are automatically created by the system
Other improvements
  • Allowing local administrators ability to manage list of participants within their scope for content and view content details
  • Improved immediate question feedback support in our assessment engine
  • Support for payment information when editing a user’s membership details
  • HTTP AICC/CMI Protocol: increase flexibility to provide support for more external LMSs
  • Web Services API improvements