You love your work. Every day spent developing top-of-the-line e-learning content for a diverse and growing clientele is a new opportunity to challenge yourself, a new chance to grow your business and expand the scope of your expertise.

What you probably don’t love, though, is having to redo your course content and delivery every time you need to make an update, modify a module, or roll out a course to a new client. In fact, updating, adjusting, or opening up courses for new purchasers can be an incredibly inefficient and laborious process, robbing you of precious time that could be better spent developing new content.

But there is a solution. A multi-tenant learning management system (LMS) enables you to update, modify, and control access to all or part of a course’s content and roll out those changes to as many or as few clients on your multi-tenant LMS as you choose. This is the perfect way to provide exceptional content and service for your clients while also growing your company at scale.

Make It Easy to Grant Content to Clients, Old and New

Perhaps the best feature of a multi-tenant LMS is that it gives you extraordinary control over your course content. No longer are you limited to granting access only to the client for whom you’ve built the course. Rather, you have the ability to provide full, partial, or even time-restricted access to any client on your LMS.

That matters because the e-learning industry doesn’t stand still. Even with the most evergreen learning materials, periodic updates will be needed if those materials are to remain fresh, relevant, and timely. If you want to deliver an exceptional experience to customers, know that they will undoubtedly expect periodic content updates.

With a multi-tenant LMS, you can easily complete an update to a module in the master LMS site, and the changes will flow down to all clients and courses that contain that module. You won’t have to reload courses for each client, which will save you a tremendous amount of time and labor and prevent potential errors or content discrepancies. It’s all a matter of making a few modifications in the master LMS, rather than having to update and craft permissions for each client’s course.

Create Customized Content for Clients without the Heavy Lifting

The benefits of a multi-tenant LMS extend far beyond the ability to easily modify content and roll out updates to all or select clients. One of its biggest attributes is that your LMS essentially becomes a kind of massive content repository that enables you to compile, curate, and customize learning assets.

The result is an exceptional capacity to efficiently create bespoke learning content that few competitors can emulate.

After all, no two clients are exactly alike, and their learning needs will not be identical either. Drawing on your master courses, you can use various learning assets, from brief videos to entire modules, to meet your client’s particular needs. For example, your client might require a just-in-time training module to meet a short-term business need.

In addition to the opportunity to create custom modules and learning assets that may be rolled out only to one or a select few clients, the multi-tenant LMS provides several customizable integration options that are based on the clients’ unique needs.

Suppose that a few clients seek an e-commerce integration, such as a Shopify storefront. You can set them up with their own dedicated LMS site with your course content that is integrated with their Shopify store, providing them with automated sales opportunities. Conversely, you may have an enterprise client with a large workforce using multiple types of learning applications. They may use a single sign-on (SSO) system and will need to integrate your course logins with their SSO system. Similarly, other clients may use their own LMS and seek to integrate your course content with their LMS.

Using a multi-tenant LMS enables you to meet these diverse needs, ensuring effective integrations to provide clients with the agility and functionality that they desire.

Making Client and User Content Access Simple to Control

One of the most powerful attributes of a multi-tenant LMS is its immense customizability and functionality. The capacity to incorporate multiple integrations, from ecommerce to SSO, is only one example of this. This LMS also enables you to delegate certain privileges to clients, depending on how they are managing their learning.

Much will depend on your clients’ particular needs and interests and on your own preferred practices for managing and using your content. For example, a particularly useful tool of a multi-tenant LMS is the ability to compile important data on the courses themselves for multiple clients. These analytics can encompass a wide range of data points, from time spent on courses and module completion rates to average scores on embedded tests and quizzes.

Not only can these reports be immensely helpful for content developers as you plan updates or create new modules and courses, but they can also be profoundly attractive assets for clients, depending on their reporting needs. For example, you can use a multi-tenant LMS to send weekly or monthly reports to update clients on progress.

Reporting schemes through the LMS can be tailored to individual clients’ needs. Each client might require different reporting strategies. Including variations in the frequency of reporting and the types of data compiled allows for evidence-based and client-specific updates/modifications, as clients will have unique student populations who will encounter and respond to the content in diverse ways. Client reporting helps ensure tailored updates and customization without requiring the content developer to reinvent the wheel with each course.

Here at Firmwater, we don’t just sell an LMS for training providers. We partner with our clients, giving them the tools and insights they need to implement the best practices in e-learning course development, growth, and delivery. We care too much about our customers’ businesses to have them wade through forums and chatbots for help.

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