We recently added three new reminder emails to the system:

  • Due Date Reminder

    Reminds a participant about an upcoming due date for activities they have not completed.

  • Overdue Reminder

    Reminds a participant about overdue activities they have not completed.

  • Access Ending Reminder

    Reminds a participant that they have only a certain number of days before their access to activities they have not completed will end.

Reminder emails are sent once a day. If multiple courses that a participant hasn’t completed are due on the same day, they will all be listed in one email.

You can specify the number of days relative to the due date or relative to the last access date that the email will be sent. You can also choose to only send the reminder for activities of a specific type (eg. ‘Course’).

You may want to configure multiple instances of the same reminder. For example, you may want an email to go out 30 days before courses are due and, again, one week before they are due.

Like all our email notifications, the text of these messages can be customized for your organization. Users can opt out of receiving them if you allow them to.

How to enable reminders

We haven’t enabled any of these reminders by default for existing clients. Here’s how you turn them on:

  1. Ensure that you are currently administering the organization that you want to turn the reminder on for. Go to the ‘Configuration’ tab and click on ‘Emails’ in the menu.
  2. Click ‘Edit Settings’ to configure the email.
  3. Turn the reminder on. Click ‘Save Changes’.

We hope these reminders will help your participants to complete more courses.