Hot on the heels of editing attempts and scoring settings in bulk, you can now edit presentation settings in bulk.

Presentation settings determine some of the behaviour and navigation of content — especially for tests and surveys — when users interact with it. The settings control things such as time limits, whether to allow suspend and resume and determine the feedback presented. This new feature makes life easier for our clients with large content libraries who customize the course behaviour for each of their clients.

Editing settings

  1. Select one or more of your courses from the ‘Activities’ page in the ‘Content’ tab and select the ‘Presentation’ operation.
  2. A pop-up dialogue is displayed. Select the type of item that you’d like to change.Courses can contain lots of items within them (such as pre-tests, lessons, and study guides). Settings are applied to items of a specific type. So you can change the settings for all your pre-tests in one operation.
  3. After selecting a type, the settings are enabled and show the current state for the selected items. If a mix of values exists, that is conveyed. Make your changes and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  4. After the changes are made, the dialogue is dismissed and feedback is presented. The feedback includes a link to undo the changes.