Some of our clients have large content libraries and customize the course behavior for each of their clients. We’ve now made this much easier.

One particular client has hundreds of courses in their library. Each course contains about 30 hours of training material but includes a pre-test so that users who know the material can test out. When a new client signs up, they configure the passing score required to test out and, in some cases, the number of attempts allowed at it based on the client’s requirements.

We’ve always allowed you to modify these settings on a course by course basis. In our most recent release, we now make it simple for you to edit these settings in bulk.

Here’s how you do it

  1. Select one or more of your courses from the ‘Activities’ page in the ‘Content’ tab and select the ‘Attempts and scoring’ operation.
  2. A pop-up dialog is displayed. Select the type of item that you’d like to change.

    Courses can contain lots of items within them (such as pre-tests, lessons, and study guides). Settings are applied to items of a specific type. So you can change the settings for all your pre-tests in one operation.

  3. After selecting a type, the settings are enabled and show the current state for the selected items. If a mix of values exist, that is conveyed. Make your changes and click the ‘Save Changes’ button.
  4. After the changes are made, the dialog is dismissed and feedback is presented. The feedback includes a link to undo the changes.

The ‘Attempts and scoring’ operation is also available when looking at all courses that have a specific tag applied. If your course library is segmented into series or by publisher, this makes it really easy to change all the settings for your groups of courses.

For those of you with large content libraries, we hope this addition is useful!