A new release was just pushed out today that includes support for time zones in Firmwater LMS. An administrator can select a default timezone for a client site that is used to display time in the LMS. This time zone will be used as a default for new users that are created within that site.

Existing users can set their own time zone in their profile settings to overwrite the default.

Setting the default time zone for your site

Navigate to Configuration > Settings > Specify the default time zone > Select your time zone from the dropdown.

Specify the default time zone for your client site

Any future client sites created will now inherit this default time zone but the default can be overwritten in case your client is located elsewhere.

How can a user set their own time zone?

Users can navigate to their profile by clicking on their name on the top right-hand side. From there, they can easily edit their profile and adjust the time zone under Additional information.

If you have any questions about time zones or would like to adjust time zones for all your sites in bulk, contact support.