In an effort to make managing your online courses easier than ever, we have added a new user role, the Group Manager, tailored for those who sell courses online in mind.

How it works:

Once a purchase for multiple seats is made in Shopify, the purchaser automatically gets assigned the Group Manager role in the LMS.

As a Group Manager, you can:
  • Assign seats to participants via a new Home page.
  • Assign seats to yourself – select assign seat to me.
  • View available participants and remaining seats.
  • Manage users in each course using the Users tab.
  • Run and export reports on these specific users using the Reports.
  • View invitations sent, the date they were sent, e-mail address they were sent to and their status. Simply click on View Invitations Sent.
  • Revoke or resend invitations. Simply check-off the invitation and select an action, then click on Go.

Please note: once an invitation is accepted, you can no longer revoke or re-send the invitation. You will notice that it will appear greyed out.

We sincerely hope this makes your purchased seat management easier. If you have any questions or comments about this new feature, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.