As a training provider, course delivery is always on your mind. But do you also think about how to scale and grow your business easily? If you want to set yourself up for growth, the importance of scalable training delivery cannot be understated. All it takes is an awareness of the critical elements before you begin.

First, set yourself up with the right technology: use a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and simple authoring tools. Second, focus on your content. Utilize both old and new materials and keep courses up to date. Third, use a two-step process for delivery and distribution planning to ensure that you are prepared to scale when needed. Fourth, invest in sales and marketing so you can maintain and grow your e-learning business. 


Understanding the importance of scalable training delivery means knowing and using the best resources. One of the best ways to prepare for scalability is to use a SaaS platform. It will make course delivery easy and cost-effective. For example, Firmwater LMS makes scaling simple by giving you all the tools and features you need to serve multiple clients. It works with most authoring tools and is SCORM compliant. This enables providers like you to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

Next, select authoring tools that will work with your learning management system (LMS). There are many options to choose from that are readily available online. The best part is that there’s a short learning curve for most of these tools. Many authoring tools have options for beginners, so you can learn quickly and get started creating your courses.


Content is a valuable asset. As time goes by, you will need to repurpose old content to keep it current. Consider converting older, static pieces into more engaging forms, like videos or interactive media in learning scenarios. Building an interactive scenario in your course can help users practice the skills they’re learning, boosting their course performance.

If you want to continue growing as a training company, you should consistently update and keep content fresh. If your clients know that they can trust you to stay on top of the latest information, they’ll keep coming back for more. Utilize your subject matter experts to stay abreast of your industry’s best practices.

Delivery and Distribution

Both delivery and distribution are vital elements to consider when scaling a training business. To make the process simple, break it into steps.

Step One: Choose your content and format.

Depending on the subject and how much content you have, you can choose how to present it to learners. You can do a slide-based format with quizzes at various points, use videos with or without a presenter, or have interactive scenarios. Determine what’s best for your content: what will make it shine for the audience?

Step Two: Choose a platform.

How will you deliver content to your customers? You will definitely want to use an LMS that enables you to deliver and distribute content to all sizes of clients, from single clients to enterprise level. An LMS built for training companies will give you flexibility and scalability. Firmwater’s Shopify integration can help you with both one-seat B2C or B2B with multiple seat sales. For example, an individual can purchase a single course for themselves, or a business can purchase multiple seats to the same course for a group of employees.

Firmwater LMS offers solutions for many different customer scenarios. Firmwater is a full white-label solution, so you can deliver branded client sites to customers. There are also many options for handling enterprise-level clients. For example, you can easily manage large learner communities, customize learning experiences, and offer single-sign-on. You can even work with clients who have their own LMS, while maintaining control over your content. Best of all, you can manage these options from a single platform, which is ideal for a training company. 

Sales and Marketing

It’s important to test the validity of your e-learning, especially if you are entering a small or competitive market. Without validating market demand for your courses, you run the risk of spending development time on a product that will not result in many sales. Strategies include audience surveys, course pre-launches, and researching online community forums.

Once you have built and validated a strong e-learning product, you should invest in solid sales and marketing resources. Ensure that you can cater to B2B and B2C clients alike, as they will have different needs, with each requiring an appropriate sales channel. Consider using a mix of Shopify’s built-in tools and another service, such as Google Analytics, to optimize and segment your market. Shopify has valuable tools to market to B2C and some B2B audiences. On the other hand, building a strong outbound sales team is often a more effective approach for enterprise B2B prospects.

Realize that you are selling more than just a course: online learning is often a significant investment, so clients will take the time to find the right fit. If you have adequately researched your target audience using analytics, you can be sure your marketing tactics will find the right eyes.

A Growth Mindset

The best part of using a scalable delivery model is that you can essentially build courses once and then sell them over and over. Using an LMS built for training providers will ensure that this is an easy process to repeat. Firmwater LMS will enable you to efficiently work with many organizations, no matter their size, and help you keep all your assets organized and updated. In addition, Firmwater’s integration with Shopify offers you a powerful marketing and sales toolkit to help grow your business.

If you have a growth mindset for your training company, you know the importance of scalable training delivery. Focus on the crucial aspects: the technology you use, your content, how you deliver and distribute, and your sales and marketing strategy. Start scaling your training company today!

Here at Firmwater, we don’t just sell an LMS for training providers. We partner with our clients, giving them the tools and insights they need to implement the best practices in e-learning course development, growth, and delivery. We care too much about our customers’ businesses to have them wade through forums and chatbots for help.

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