Client Sites

Create sites for your clients and manage it all from one place

A branded LMS site for each client

Impress your clients even more

Firmwater LMS is a full white-labelled solution. Use your own or your client's branding for their site, or both.

Customize course content, emails, completion certificates, languages, user information collected, and more. Enable only the functionality that is needed for each site, keeping the experience as simple as possible.

Offload administration by delegating client administrators that only have scope over their own users. Reduce your support overhead.

Easy content management

Manage all your sites effortlessly

Firmwater LMS works with all the popular elearning authoring tools — so you can keep your content portable and use the best tool for your needs. Load and assemble your courses simply.

Grant access to your entire course library or only a portion to a client site. If needed, change scoring rules or completion requirements for a particular site.

Make updates to your content across all sites in one step.

Client already has their own LMS?

No problem — host it here, deliver it there

Meet the requirements of larger organizations by delivering your training through their own learning management system — all while staying in control of your content.

Firmwater LMS allows you to generate course packages that your client loads on their LMS. Their users will be able to launch courses seamlessly, just like their other courses.

All status and usage information is still collected in our system, so you still have visibility into your course library usage. Turn off access anytime. Make updates to your content without your client doing anything.

Single Sign-On

Meet the requirements of your enterprise clients

Firmwater LMS has you covered when working with large organizations. Single Sign-On (SSO) can be configured for a client site.

Your client's IT department can manage access to your course library the same way they manage access to other resources for their organization.

Employees log in to their corporate network and seamlessly access our system — no further authentication required. LMS user accounts can be created automatically, on-the-fly.

LifeWorks uses client sites to deliver its Workplace Mental Health Leadership™ certificate blended learning program to hundreds of organizations.