Client Sites

Create branded LMS sites for every client and manage them all with ease.

Branded LMS Sites

Offer a Unique, Customized Experience to Every Client

Provide a sense of ownership and make every customer feel unique. Firmwater LMS is a comprehensive, white-labelled training delivery solution. Easily customize course content for every account, incorporate customer logos and brand imagery, set rules for email communications, languages, and user profile data to be collected. Track student progress, assign courses automatically, issue course completion certificates, and more.

Streamlined Content Management

Manage all your sites effortlessly through a single unified interface. Firmwater merges the power of delivering an independent branded site for each client with the convenience of managing them all through one intuitive interface.

Firmwater LMS works with all the popular eLearning authoring tools so you can keep your content portable and continue using your favorite authoring software – no vendor lock in or learning curves here.

Content Management
Easily Customize Courses

Easily Customize Courses

Customize courseware for each client by adding or removing modules without changing the customer experience. Change the scoring rules or completion requirements for a particular site. Efficiently organize and categorize course content, segment your audience, enable rapid deployment in a short time, and do it all through a single user interface.

Increase Productivity and Profitability

Empower your customers to handle the day-to-day administration of their user communities. Assign the appropriate level of access to your customers’ administrators so they can add users, assign courses individually or by job title, department or location, establish course completion requirements, and monitor trainee performance.

Course Completions
Single Sign-on

Single Sign On

Aim for Enterprise clients and grow your business. Target larger enterprise-class customers and build your business faster. Support for Single Sign-On (SSO) makes the login process easy for organizations with large populations of users. Firmwater integrates with external LMSs so customers can offer targeted training programs to their employees inside their current environment.

My Client Already Has Their Own LMS

No problem — host it here, deliver it there. Deliver your training to larger organizations that already have their own learning management system – all while maintaining control over your intellectual property. Users will launch your courses seamlessly, just like native course offerings, with the Firmwater LMS being transparent to trainees. The training appears to be delivered by the client’s LMS, but is hosted on Firmwater servers so you’re always in control have the ability to update your content.

Client LMS

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