White Label LMS

Deliver a fully branded learning experience to your clients and their users .

Power Your Brand’s Educational Offerings

Empower your business with Firmwater’s White Label LMS, designed for organizations looking to offer a branded educational platform to their clients. Our LMS allows you to customize and rebrand the learning experience, making it possible for your clients to further personalize their sub-portals. Take control of your brand and extend your reach by providing a comprehensive White Label LMS to your clients.

Key Features

Multi-layer Branding

Multi-Layer Branding

Go beyond basic branding with multi-layer white labeling. Customize your LMS and enable your clients to do the same, offering them the ability to personalize their dedicated portals with their own branding. This feature is ideal for businesses serving multiple clients who need a unified yet distinct online learning presence.

Custom Subdomains

Enhance brand presence with custom subdomains for you and your clients (e.g., learning.yourcompany.com). This reinforces brand recognition and builds trust among end-users, ensuring a professional appearance for every client portal.

Custom Subdomains

Comprehensive Email Customization

Comprehensive Email Customization

Control every aspect of email communication from sender details to design, ensuring consistency across all levels. Enable your clients to set their own email parameters, so communications are seamlessly integrated with their branding.

Tailored Completion Certificates

Provide branded completion certificates for your clients to customize and issue under their own brands. These certificates boost the value of your educational offerings and enhance brand loyalty among users.

Tailored Completion Certificates

Advantages of Our White Label LMS


Extensive Customization

Our White Label LMS offers extensive customization options, allowing you to configure the learning environment to meet your specific branding needs and those of your clients. From thematic designs to functional configurations, tailor every aspect to suit varied branding requirements.


Streamlined Operations

Streamline your operation by providing a turnkey solution to your clients, enabling them to launch their own branded learning portals without the technical overhead. This reduces time-to-market and operational complexity, making it easier to scale.


Market Expansion

Leverage our White Label LMS to expand your market reach. Offer your clients the capability to host their own branded LMS, serving as an extension of your services and creating new business opportunities.

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