The benefits of converting from instructor-led training (ILT) to e-learning include consistency, scalability, flexibility, and higher retention of learning. Keep reading if you are interested in learning how converting from ILT to e-learning can benefit your business.

First, let’s be clear that virtual training is not the same as e-learning. Virtual training is taught in real time via an online platform, such as Zoom or WebEx. It’s instructor led, so it is also known as VILT. E-learning, however, can be defined as instruction delivered electronically. It’s not in real time and is typically administered using a learning management system. Examples of e-learning are web-based training, video modules on YouTube, TikTok, etc., and mobile learning. It’s also known as asynchronous learning.

1. Consistency

Now let’s discuss the business benefits of converting ILT to e-learning. One is that e-learning provides consistency. As a training provider, your clients come to you because you are an expert in your field. But even with the best training script, it can be hard to guarantee that you are presenting your content the same way every time. E-learning ensures that everyone gets the same message each time they engage with the materials.

Furthermore, consistency makes it easier to test knowledge transfer. When learners leave a live session, it’s hard to know if a learning transfer happened. With e-learning, you can use knowledge checks, course scores, and even completions to determine this. These kinds of checks also enable you, as a training provider, to determine what, if any, material needs to be updated. An after-session survey can’t provide that kind of real feedback.

2. Scalability

Scalability is also one of the business benefits of converting ILT to e-learning. Being able to scale your organization is crucial to your overall growth. Shifting from ILT to e-learning enables your training content to be consumed by a much larger audience for a reduced cost. Your biggest upfront cost will be the development of your e-learning content, but once that is complete, you’ll have training that can be easily accessed by anyone, anywhere. You can also save money because you won’t have to travel to reach those large audiences. Imagine the savings of both time and money if that energy is shifted into creating e-learning content.

3. Flexibility

Another benefit of converting ILT to e-learning is that your organization can also be more flexible to your client’s needs. For example, suppose that your business provides a one-size-fits-most compliance course. Once that course is converted from ILT to e-learning, you can now personalize it for various end users. Even if you are currently customizing your ILT sessions for multiple clients, e-learning can help you take that personalization to the next level. You can provide modules that have the client’s logo, business colors, and even the name of the individual learners who open the course. If you’re using a multi-tenant LMS, you can even provide your clients with their own branded e-learning portal, equipped with custom courses and various administrative privileges. These types of customizations offer more value to the client.

4. Knowledge Retention

One of the final business benefits of converting ILT to e-learning is based on the learner. Previous benefits were focused on creating more sales by having more customers. But as a training provider, you are selling behavior change, which can’t happen if the learners don’t remember the content. If you convert from ILT to e-learning, your learners can rewatch the content on demand. E-learning also enables learners to actively practice what is being taught through techniques such as branching and gamification. Unlike ILT, which offers in-the-moment practice, e-learning enables the learner to practice regularly.

Converting from ILT to e-learning can create several business opportunities for training providers. The advantages include consistency and scalability for your company. Even your clients will benefit, as converting from ILT to e-learning can help your content become sticky and increase learner retention. Remember that you are also selling behavior change, and e-learning can be the perfect tool to aid learners in remembering your content.

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