We released Version 2.10 of our LMS last night. Here’s an overview of the new features included.

Completion certificates

This feature has come up quite a few times when talking to prospects. We’ve also heard that it would be useful to some of our existing clients so we decided to add support for it. Firmwater LMS can now generate a completion certificate for a user who has successfully completed an activity. The certificate can be customized for an organization.

You can pick and choose which of your activities that you’d like completion certificates to be available for. We’ve made this easy by allowing you to specify this individually or as a bulk operation on a group of activities.

Some organizations allow their students to print their own certificates, while others only allow administrators to print them. We let you decide who has access.

See the documentation for more details.

Individual Response Report

Administrators can now see a report that shows a user’s attempt at an assessment. The report is generated as a PDF and shows score information along with all the questions and responses with correct answers highlighted. This is accessible to administrators when drilling into a user’s training plan.

Other new reports

We also added a few new reports that might come in handy. Much of this information is available through the user interface too but it’s useful to be able to generate a report and be able to export the data to different formats.

The new reports are:

  • Clients List: Available to master administrators, this lists all clients and the number of users for each.
  • Users List: Lists all users. When exported to CSV or XML, all user fields are included. This is a good way to get a CSV file to use to import back into the system.
  • Activities List: Lists all activities, can be filtered by tag.

We hope you enjoy the changes.