We just released the first phase of some work we’re doing on adding more email capability to the system. We have plans for adding a number of different email notifications but the first allows you to send welcome messages to your users. This is good way to introduce new users to your program or course and provide them with a link that allows them to set their password and access the system.

How to send messages

Welcome messages can be sent or resent one at a time or in bulk.

  1. Use the new ‘Send welcome message’ action from the user summary page. The user must have a well-formed email address for the action to be enabled.
  2. Select one or more users from the users list page and use the ‘Send welcome message’ operation.

    If you’ve setup a new client, have assigned content to the users and are ready to go live, this is a good way to send messages to all the users.

  3. You can also send welcome messages to new users when importing a list of users. Enable the ‘Send users a welcome message’ checkbox on the confirmation page.
  4. If you allow users to signup and create their own accounts, you can have a welcome message sent to new users when this happens.

Configuring your emails

You can configure which emails are turned on for any of your clients from the Support and Email Settings page. You can also specify the email’s sender name and reply to address. In the future, this is also where you’ll edit the content of the emails if you want to customize them. We haven’t added that capability yet. Until then, if you want a custom message, just let us know and we’ll be happy to configure it for you.

High deliverability

Our email infrastructure is designed for high deliverability so emails should avoid junk filters and make it through to your users’ inboxes. It is also designed to scale, as we expect to send tens of thousands of emails each month.

We’re excited to build on this first phase of email capability. We hope you like it.