We’ve added proctoring capabilities in our latest release. You can now designate any launchable item as requiring a proctor be present before it can be launched.

Some of our clients want to ensure that their course post-tests or exams are taken in a controlled environment — or at least confirm the user taking the test is in fact the actual person. Here’s how it works:

Designate an item as requiring a proctor

  1. From the ‘Content’ tab, go to the course summary page.
  2. Click on the item that you’d like to require a proctor for.
  3. From the item’s summary page, click ‘Edit’.
  4. Switch to the ‘Attempts and Scoring’ page.
  5. Check off the new ‘Require proctor’ option and click ‘Save Changes’.

Launching the proctored item

When a user tries to launch the item, she is presented with a dialog indicating that an administrator is required to authorize the launch.

Any administrator that has the user in scope can authorize the launch by entering their username and password with the following exclusions:

  • Users cannot act as a proctor for themselves.
  • Report-only administrators cannot act as proctors.

After a proctor has authorized the launch, the dialog indicates that the item can be launched.

Authorization is only good for the next launch of that attempt and has a short expiry time (5 minutes). If a user suspends a proctored item, she will require a proctor’s authorization to resume it.

As an administrator, you can see who acted as a proctor for a user’s attempts at an item on the Attempts page.

More coming

The work we’ve done so far handles the single computer scenario well. This is where the student and proctor both use a shared computer. We plan on adding some more administrative functionality to deal with the classroom environment as well.

We’d love to hear your feedback on how this works for you! Enjoy.