We added some new order management capabilities to Firmwater LMS this week.

Firmwater LMS integrates with Shopify to give you a fantastic platform to sell your courses online. You can build a beautiful store, list your courses, and have the LMS automatically deliver courses purchased. Individuals can buy courses for themselves or multiple seat purchases can be made for a company.

We’re working on making the management of these orders from within the LMS better. This week’s enhancements include:

1. Orders list now shows each order’s status

The orders list page now shows the status of each order. This will help you quickly find orders that haven’t been acted on by the purchaser.

2. New order summary page

You can now drill into an order from the list to see its details.

The new page shows the courses that were purchased, the number of seats, and the status of each.

We’ll expand the actions available from this page over time but, initially, you can:

  • Resend the invitation to the purchaser if it hasn’t been accepted yet. The invitation can be sent to either the same address or to a new one.
  • Delete the order. This is useful for when you’re testing or if someone makes an incorrect purchase.
  • Add participants to a course on your client’s behalf.

3. Extended the life of purchaser invitation tokens

Initially, we thought that 30 days was long enough to give purchasers to click on the link in the email to accept the courses they purchased. Boy, were we wrong! We’ve learned that some people buy online courses and then sit on them for a very long time before going to use them.

We’ve now extended the life of purchaser invitation tokens to match the life of the courses purchased. If you don’t put a limit on when courses must be started by, we give purchasers a year.

This should help cut down on the number of requests you get to resend invitations.

We hope you find these improvements useful. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.