Easy and simple

At Firmwater we are determined to make our LMS straightforward and easy to use. This does not just mean a simple interface, but also easy administration. You need to be able to manage your clients and users effortlessly so that you can focus on what you do best – being an expert and selling great content.

User Roles are one of the great features that allow you to save time and effort when setting up and maintaining your LMS. You have the ability to be flexible and adjust access to your clients’ needs without fighting a battle with options and settings. We have established six User Roles that make sense and help you manage your clients.


…use the LMS only for accessing learning activities, modify their profile, change their password, view their certifications, and generate their own activity reports

Group Manager

…in addition to everything a student can do, invite participants, view invitations sent, view existing participants and generate reports for users managed

Local Administrator

…add/edit/delete user accounts, create/edit assignments, and manage users for their location

Organization Administrator

…in addition to everything a Local Administrator can do, load content, edit Content Library and adjust the configuration of their LMS

Master Administrator

…in addition to everything, an Organization Administrator can do, add clients, grant content to a client, and edit, or revoke content grants


  1. In addition to special permissions, all user roles include the Student role so that Managers and Administrators can complete learning activities.
  2. Each user role (except student) allow for a ‘Reports Only’ setting that gives the user access to view reports for their location(s), organization(s) or client(s).

If you need assistance in setting up new User Roles, contact our support team.