You can now assemble course content in Firmwater LMS! Load individual modules, quizzes, and PDFs to the system and build them up into larger courses based on how you wish users to progress through your content.

Build up your course content

Most third-party authoring tools, like Articulate Storyline and Adobe Captivate, only allow you to publish individual modules. You may want your course to consist of a course overview PDF, followed by a number of small modules organized into folders, and then an exam. You can now easily build up this structure in Firmwater LMS.

You can now create new empty activities, create folders inside existing activities, and load content (SCORM packages, PDFs, and other files) inside existing activities. Re-order the contents of an activity to achieve the desired structure.

How it works

When you access the Create course action in the Content tab, you will be asked to name your new activity and to indicate its type (i.e. course, module, section etc.).

Your new activity will be created and you will be prompted to add content to it. Click ‘Add content’ and you will be presented with several options for adding this content:

Load new content from file
This will allow you to load a SCORM package or PDF from your system into the current activity.

Select an existing item from system
You will be directed to choose from a list of activities previously loaded to your site. This allows you to add single or multiple learning items to the current activity. First choose the desired activity from the drop down list. Next choose the desired item enclosed within this activity.

Create a new folder
This allows you to create a sub-folder within the activity, and add learning items to it. You will be asked to name the folder, and it will then be visible in the activity tree.

Once you have added desired content, items can be re-ordered by clicking and dragging the icon beside the item’s title. Changes you make to the activity tree are automatically saved. Once your new activity is structured as needed, it is ready for delivery to participants.

For more detailed instructions, please see our Quickstart guide.