We released Version 2.7 of our LMS tonight. It’s been four months between releases, which is longer than usual for us, however, this release is jam-packed with improvements, new features, and fixes. We feel it is worth the wait!

Better student view:

We’ve made big changes to the student’s view of the top level of their training plan. We’ve separated active items from completed activities and now present a simpler, better-prioritized presentation.

The changes will be especially appreciated by your students who have very large training plans. While most students from our clients have relatively focused training plans, we do have some organizations who assign large portions of their content libraries at some students. The new presentation significantly speeds up the display of the training plan for these students and makes it easier for them to find specific activities:

  • students can now search for activities and their plan gets filtered as they type
  • plans are presented in pages (typically 10 activities per page)

Faster searching

We significantly improved the performance of searching throughout the system. Many people love how simple and consistent searching is in our system. At times, however, searching could be slow if dealing with large data sets — thousands of people or activities.

That is now fixed. We spent a lot of time optimizing things so that search is snappy and filters the data as you type, even when dealing with lots of data. We’ve also added feedback to indicate that search is working in the cases when it takes longer than half a second to return.

More good stuff

Other notable new features in this release include:

  • Bulk deletion of activities and events
  • Reports can now be targeted at a single organization or a specific role within an organization
  • Better handling of SCORM 1.2 content, both when loading and for status roll-up
  • The ability for an administrator to specify the resource navigation to display (useful especially for SCORM 1.2 content that does not embed exit navigation)
  • Activity Detail Report which improves upon and replaces the old Group Activity Report

We hope you enjoy the improvements made.